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Miss Papua New Guinea - Beauty with a CAUSE!

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PNG Red Cross Society

The Papua New Guinea Red Cross Society (PNGRCS) has a mission statement that reads: “As a member of the worldwide Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and an auxiliary to the government, the PNG Red Cross Society is an independent, nationwide, community based humanitarian organization.


“Guided by and promoting the Movement’s seven Fundamental Principles and humanitarian values, the Organization provides support and services in aspects of Health, Disaster Preparedness and Relief, to enhance the coping abilities of the most vulnerable in our community.

“Through ongoing organizational development and capacity building, the organization provides professional quality services and training through its unique network of branches and volunteers. Learning

from and adapting to the diversity of Papua New Guinea culture, by ensuring transparency and accountability, the Papua New Guinea Red Cross Society is well prepared and committed to take on the challenges of the new millennium.” 


The society’s efforts in the humanitarian field are highly appreciated by the government and the various stakeholders. PNGRCS activities are well known to the public through television, local newspapers and radio stations and the society enjoys a high media profile in PNG.


The PNGRCS was incorporated by an act of parliament in 1976. The ICRC recognized the society in September 1977 and in October 1977; it was admitted as a member of the International Federation. The PNGRCS has a national council that sets policy directives for the society. The statutes of the society are currently being reviewed.


The PNGRCS has eight branches and is in the process of establishing three more. The society has very committed volunteers who uphold the activities and image of the Red Cross. The society currently has 610 volunteers and members.


The PNGRCS has conducted a number of training workshops for its staff and volunteers as part of its organizational development and capacity building. The PNGRCS has developed a five-year strategic development plan for 2002-2006, which includes branch development and establishment of new branches in the remaining provinces, with priority being given to disaster-prone areas. Major disaster response activities are carried out from headquarters.





Miss PNG 2002 & Secretary General Jacqui Boga

Miss PNG 2004